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Personal trainer Dana Crosby has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. After over a decade of competitive swimming, Dana Crosby began her career in Aquatics where she coached swimmers of all ages. After Dana's swimming years ended and a change in lifestyle, Dana Crosby found herself 80lbs. heavier than she wanted to be. It is here that she knew she needed to embrace a new commitment to a lifestyle change.

Dana Crosby pursued her weight loss through increased exercise, weight-training and new nutritional habits. Ultimately, this saved her life.

Dana's weight-loss affected her in innumerable ways. She had the energy and an increased self-confidence that propelled her into her fitness career. Dana Crosby knew that she wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals and realize their full fitness training potential. Dana began personal training almost ten years ago and has enjoyed every moment of giving others the self confidence they have inside. With the learned insight Dana understand's the concerns others have around personal fitness training and nutrition.

Personal trainer Dana Crosby has the pleasure of working with a very diversified clientele spanning all ages and abilities. Dana learns something from every client she works with and is continually surprised by the hard-work of these individuals put in their personal training. Meet Dana Crosby's personal training clients by clicking on "success stories".

Dana Crosby's guiding philosophy is always the belief in oneself that our fitness goals can be achieved. It is through her personal training guidance, education and perseverance that she can help you apply the necessary change and embrace it as a new lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

Sincerely, Dana Crosby

Dana Crosby, Personal Trainer, Portland Oregon. Phone 503.890.3825
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