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Why is Dana Crosby's program better than others?

Dana Crosby delivers attentive, educated and detailed personal training.
In Dana Crosby's personal training sessions, you will learn skills that will successfully enable you to take charge of your health and fitness goals. This knowledge coupled with the the desire for change is all that's needed to make fitness a healthy way of life

Dana Crosby

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1. What should I expect from our first meeting?
In our introductory meeting, personal trainer Dana Crosby will discuss your fitness goals and how to achieve them in your personal training together.

2. What should I wear to our first workout session?
Any comfortable, loose fitting clothing is appropriate. An athletic-type shoe is also recommended during our fitness training.

3. How long should I work with personal trainer Dana Crosby?
Dana Crosby will individualize the length of your personal training program based on your needs and fitness goals.

4. What are the benefits from personal training with Dana Crosby?
Working with Dana Crosby will provide you with the motivation, fitness education and accountability that you need to finally attain your fitness goals.

5. How do I prevent "plateaus"?
A careful monitoring process with Dana Crosby is used throughout your personal training program to ensure that your fitness goals are being progressively attained during your workouts.

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Dana Crosby, personal trainer, Portland Oregon. Phone 503.890.3825
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