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Dana Crosby’s Top Five Reasons You Should Exercise

1. Slows the aging process.
As you build lean muscle tissue and reduce fat storage, a reversal of the physiological aging process occurs.

2. Increases stamina, vitality and a sense of well-being.
Regular exercise has been proven to increase serotonin levels and
provide the body with greater energy reserves. Regular exercise also boosts confidence and helps you realize your potential.

3. Reduces or eliminates pain and postural imbalances.
There are specific exercises that can strengthen weak muscle groups, lengthen tight muscles and correct postural imbalance.

4. Increases bone density and joint health.
You can reduce or eliminate joint dysfunction by learning specific exercises that will help you stand more upright.

5. Increases flexibility.
Regular, educated exercise prevents breakdowns of the body's “kinetic” musculo-joint chain and can reduce the potential of injury.

**Packages available based on length of program and frequency

Total Body Rejuvenation:
Designed for those who are serious about change. Each sixty minute session with Dana Crosby, focuses on your individual personal training goals and how to best achieve them. Workouts include resistance strength training, postural balance, developing your core, and flexibility.

As your body changes, your workouts will be adapted to each new level of strength and fitness you reach. A cardiovascular training program will be tailored for you. Regular body composition testing will be conducted, to monitor your progress in your individualized personal training sessions.

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Express Workout:
For busy people who have limited time and a desire to streamline their workouts to achieve their fitness goals plus regain their vitality.
Each thirty-minute personal training session with Dana Crosby focuses on using the most effective strength and core exercises to give you the maximum outcome in the shortest duration.

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Semi-Private or “Partner Training”:
An ideal program for friends or partners to do together. Enjoy the camaraderie of achieving your fitness goals with a “teammate” or two. Motivate each other while learning the most effective exercises for all the major muscle groups and the core.
Burn those extra calories with the added motivation of a group atmosphere, while reaping the benefits of highly-specialized fitness training with Dana Crosby in Portland Oregon. This is not your typical group exercise class.

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