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Julie Diamond
Dana Crosby is an exceptional personal trainer. She has a comprehensive understanding of fitness, nutrition, one on one personal training, health, and imparts her knowledge in an easy-going way. Dana Crosby is also a terrific motivator during our presonal training sessions and makes fitness training fun and exciting. Since I started personal training with Dana Crosby, I look forward to my workouts and fitness has become an integral part of my daily life here in Portland Oregon. My overall strength, conditioning, and performance as a cyclist has improved tremendously. Dana Crosby understands personal fitness training from the inside out - I recommend her to anyone, whether you are just starting out, recovering from an illness or injury or training for competition and more!
Julie Diamond

Dana Crosby is simply the best personal trainer. I have started, stopped and started over many times and most importantly I trust her knowledge and experience.  Most personal trainers I have met are fresh faced, very enthusiastic cheerleaders.
Dana Crosby for me is a teacher, great personal training coach, motivator, example, and a friend I trust in my fitness training.  Any fitness accomplishments that I have made were with Dana Crosby being there all the way through my personal trainng sessions here in Portland Oregon. She say's I do all the work, maybe so, but I know I would never be where I am in my fitness training without her. Thanks Dana crosby!
Edwin Morene

What started for me as a long term fitness goal of just being able to walk upright and young in my old age (strong bones and muscles) has developed into a long term commitment to my health and well being.

Working with Portland personal trainer, Dana Crosby has given me the knowledge base to work out correctly, without injury and reach some other personal training goals.
Judy Evans

I am not the athletic one in my family (unlike Mom who, at 80-something, is still swimming laps for 45 minutes three times a week). So when I first started working with Dana Crosby, the thought was just a vague "get in better shape" idea. 
Over six years later, our joint efforts (including through a broken arm and sprained ankle injuries) brought me from 15 lb dumbbell chest press to a 35 lb (and on occasion even 40 lb!); from 5 lb bicep curls to 20 lb; from 40 lb lat pulldowns to 80-90 lb; and (though I still hate them) up to walking lunges with 15 lb weights. But, what I've gained even more of than "muscle" is the realization and confidence that I'm capable of more than I ever thought I could/would do in my fitness training. That's the real result of working with a true professional personal trainer.
Dana Crosby takes you comfortably and smoothly to the next level of performance in fitness training (utterly unable to hear your "I can't do that." protest). So, I'm still not the athletic one in my family, but I am starting my third season of Rose Festival dragon boat racing and preparing for my second Portland-to-Coast walking team competition-because Dana Crosby has taught me not only that I can do it, but also that it's fun, even (especially?) at age 59!
Eileen Drake

I had been trying to lose weight and get in better shape for some time, with limited success. I wasn’t sure whether a personal trainer would be able to help me or not. To be honest, I was skeptical. fitness training was something for other people, not for me.
I started taking some personal training sessions from portland fitness trainer, Dana Crosby’s spinning classes. Her energy and knowledge about health, personal training, fitness—plus her own story—made me think that maybe she really could help me achieve my fitness goals.
Just an hour personal training session a week with Dana Crosby has given me the extra tools and motivation I needed to take my fitness training to a whole new level. Her weekly personal training sessions provide accountability and encouragement which makes all the difference when I'm working with Dana Crosby as my personal trainer. Whenever I get discouraged, Dana Crosby is there to help me refocus on my fitness goals and identify whatever is holding me back in my personal training. Dana Crosby has also helped me with my diet and nutrition. With her expert help, I have lost 20 stubborn pounds and feel so much better.
Melinda Howe

Dana Crosby, personal trainer, Portland Oregon. Phone 503.890.3825
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