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Dana Crosby’s Top Five Reasons You Should Exercise

1. Slows the aging process.
As you build lean muscle tissue and reduce fat storage, a reversal of the physiological aging process occurs.

2. Increases stamina, vitality and a sense of well-being.
Regular exercise has been proven to increase serotonin levels and
provide the body with greater energy reserves. Regular exercise also boosts confidence and helps you realize your potential.

3. Reduces or eliminates pain and postural imbalances.
There are specific exercises that can strengthen weak muscle groups, lengthen tight muscles and correct postural imbalance.

4. Increases bone density and joint health.
You can reduce or eliminate joint dysfunction by learning specific exercises that will help you stand more upright.

5. Increases flexibility.
Regular, educated exercise prevents breakdowns of the body's “kinetic” musculo-joint chain and can reduce the potential of injury.

Dana Crosby, personal trainer, Portland Oregon. Phone 503.890.3825
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